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By paying for this product, you will receive a key that can be used to create a new one or wait for the previous status to end or deactivate it and install it on an existing XBox Live Gold account for a period of 3 months

❗❗❗❗If you want to make Ultimate with these codes, set the region in your Microsoft profile to which Ultimate is linked to you❗❗❗❗


Activation region Turkey.

Activation takes place through a free application on android, the description is attached with the product

Instruction via phone:
1.Download Urban Vpn App
2. Run it, select the browser and proski Turkey
3. Follow the link
4. Enter your account (the subscription must not be active on the account, or you can create a new one and put it on your home console)
5. Enter the key, activate and enjoy Xbox live gold 3 months)

The Gold subscription tier provides all possible Silver tier services plus:
• Multiplayer mode for most games.
• Video chat right in the game (if you have the equipment).
• Ability to communicate with more than one interlocutor at the same time.
• A unique system for creating and holding competitions (TrueSkill matchmaking).
• Free game content and more
-Each key is bought for honestly earned money and have 100% reliability.
- The key is not returned for reasons of "did not fit", "I can not activate" or "did not read the description" is NOT performed.
- The seller offers ways to activate through free VPN applications, but is not responsible for the operation of the software.
-The seller will always assist in the activation of the key on your own account to your account at any time of the day except the night.
- successful purchases to you
27.06.2022 16:49:34
Все отлично, активировалось без проблем
27.06.2022 16:17:08
26.06.2022 22:49:29
Все супер спасибо
26.06.2022 9:45:09
Все хорошо. Все активировалось.
25.06.2022 9:11:38
Все супер! Спасибо!
24.06.2022 22:56:03
Всё отлично! Моментально пришёл код👌🏾 Спасибо большое!
24.06.2022 21:06:40
Всё отлично, активировалось без проблем
24.06.2022 16:52:18
Спасибо продавцу всё работает 🔥
23.06.2022 19:10:53
Все работает! Все операции проделал через телефон и вообще без каких либо проблем! Спасибо.
21.06.2022 9:55:07
Код пришел сразу, активировал без проблем, рекомендую 👍👍
21.06.2022 5:46:28
Пришло моментально как оплатил, рекомендую
18.06.2022 18:13:19
Все отлично. Код пришел сразу.
18.06.2022 18:07:15
Проблем с кодом не возникло, пришел мгновенно +
18.06.2022 17:50:24
18.06.2022 4:15:35
17.06.2022 19:06:27
Все отлично
16.06.2022 23:29:31
Работает спс
15.06.2022 21:26:18
Отлично активировал за 3 минуты проблем нет продавцу + и продаж по больше...
15.06.2022 17:39:48
Спасибо 🔥
14.06.2022 11:46:50
код пришел быстро, с активацией проблем не возникло +

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